How it all began...

"A Little Fish Finds New Friends" was the product of a labor of love inspired by Troy's kids and their love for bedtime stories for kids. 

The chorus of the song ("I'm a little fishy swimming in the sea. Please Mr. Octopus, don't eat me!") was created during the kids' bath time. What started as a fun bath-time game, turned into weeks of different song variations that they couldn't get out of their heads!

From that "catchy" chorus, Troy wrote the rest of the children's book that chronicles the day of a little fish exploring the wonders of the magnificent ocean and making the unlikeliest of friends. He then asked one of his childhood friends, Lindsey Nauta, to provide the illustrations.

The story ultimately evolved into a complete song and book that was paired with illustrations featuring captivating pictures of the most popular sea creatures. 

The end result is a fun bedtime story that can be read, listened to, and sung by little "fishes" around the world.

About the Authors - Children's Book and Song

Troy Mihalek, Story and Song


With a background and education in business, Troy is a creator at heart with a passion for art and entertainment. "A Little Fish" is his first published kids book among his portfolio of creative productions that include parodies and voiceovers.

Troy and his wife have three children and live in Arizona. He works in Business Development, coaches soccer and volunteers with Junior Achievement.

Lindsey Nauta, Illustrations


Lindsey is a long-time friend of Troy's and was the first person he thought of when looking for an exceptional illustrator. In addition to this children's book, she has an extensive portfolio of artistic creations and shares a love of creativity with her husband.

Lindsey and her husband have a daughter and live in New York.